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A photo exhibit of Palestine Marathon

Yesterday, Claudia, a photographer who’ll be taking pictures of Palestine Marathon for an exhibition, joined us for our weekly Saturday-run. This is what she wrote. 

I’m Claudia and I’m taking photos of Palestine Marathon.

I am staying in Bethlehem during the month of April to watch, document and experience the atmosphere in Bethlehem before, during and after Palestine’s first marathon. Later – when Copenhagen Marathon 2013 is taking place in May – I will make an exhibition with the pictures from Palestine Marathon. Time and place for the exhibition will follow soon.

Yesterday I went for my first run together with the Palestine Marathon Training group in beautiful scenery in Beit Jala – a small village near Bethlehem. The scenery as well as the people, who each Saturday run together, blew me away. So much engagement in the project and a joy for running and moving made me want to run again, even though I kind of lost motivation myself.

With this project, I’m trying to capture the culture, the every day life of the Palestinians as well as the festival and excitement on race day. I hope you will all enjoy this sneak peak of what to expect of the city of Bethlehem for those who are participating, cheering or for future visitors of Palestine.

Check out more photos on my webpage here



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