How old do you have to be to run?

Running is for all ages, however long distance running should be approached with respect for a number of reasons. Running is a so-called high-impact sport. When you run you are carrying your own body-weight which causes intense and frequent wear and trauma of weight-bearing joints, such as feet, knees and hips. That means you have to progress slowly when training for a race. It also means you have to be extra careful if you have an injury, if you are not used to training high-impact sports, if you are overweight, or if you are still in puberty. Many experts would recommend at least waiting until kids get through puberty, before running long distances, such as half and full marathons. A lot of doctors recommend avoiding extreme distance running for kids and young teens because the repetitive trauma may cause damage to bones that are still growing. Also, training for a marathon is extremely time-consuming, exhausting, and tough physically and mentally. At such a young age, it's bound to have a big effect on other priorities in your life, such as school and friends.

Palestine Marathon enforce age restrictions to our two distances that comply with international standards. These are:

Full marathon: 18 years old

Half marathon: 15 years old

10k: 15 years old