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Being race day fashionable and respectable at the same time…

It used to be so easy. Rocky Balboa-style sweats, a headband and a pair of worn-out trainers and you were good to go. But then polyester happened…

No matter if you're a street running fashionista or an outback bare-minimum natural runner, you might be wondering what you should wear in Palestine Marathon. There seems to be one extra factor to bear in mind in addition to the usual – fashion, comfort, temperature, group affiliation etc: What's considered respectable?

Here's what we recommend:

The marathon will be inside the city. Bethlehem needless to say is a religious city and all runners should do their best to respect local customs and norms. So for the men, wear shorts and t-shirt or tank-top. For the female runners we suggest leggings covering the knee and a pair of shorts on top. Or loose pants that also covers the knee. Wear a loose top – preferably with sleeves.

So runners! Keep it loose, a little long and save flaunting those biceps for the beach! :-)


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