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Crowdfunding to realize race-winner’s dream

Right to Movement – from Bethlehem to Copenhagen


Help support the winner of Palestine Marathon realize his dream of running Copenhagen Marathon next Sunday!


Project background

On April 21 2013, the inaugural Palestine Marathon took place in the streets of Bethlehem. 650 runners from 28 nations competed in four simultanous races: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K race. The race started as a wild idea of two young, Danish women, and along the way evolved into an international event with lots of goodwill from Danish and Palestinian partners, as well as the international running community. Palestine Marathon is here to stay.

Running culture is in its early stages in Palestine. One of the main goals of the organizers is to promote running culture in Palestine, while sheding light, internationally, on the Palestinian people’s Right to Movement – a UN declared right, which most people take for granted, but is not a reality in many parts of the world – amongst those, Palestine.

Abed El Nasar Awajned, a 34 year old man from the township of Jericho in the West Bank, ran his first full marathon and won. Abed was naturally ecstatic – and so were the streets of Bethlehem. Kids, runners and spectators gathered to get a view of the winner as he did a victory speech from the podium. A new running hero was born.

About Abed

Abed has been a runner since 1998. He trains in the streets and mountains surrounding Jericho. His goal is to be a running coach and to inspire the Palestinian youth not only to run, but to move and follow their dreams.

Abed’s dream right now is to participate in an international marathon.

And this is where you come in!

We, the Copenhagen crew behind Palestine Marathon want Abed to come to Copenhagen, meet Copenhagen runners, experience Copenhagen running culture and participate in Copenhagen Marathon, May 19 2013.

Palestine Marathon, and the organization, Right to Movement, behind it are non-profit organizations. Therefore we rely on private funding to realize Abed’s goal.

We have already presented the idea to him and he is exstatic! His visa has been approved and he is ready to go – all we need is your help!


What we need

Abed will come to Copenhagen two days prior to the marathon and stay two days after. The funding will go towards his stay, i.e. flight fare, hotel, meals and transport.

We have set the fundraising goal to 2500$


What you get

Most importantly you get to help realize Abed’s dream. Also, we set up some perks for donations over 100$.

100-200$ gets a special edition race shirt

200$ and up get a special edition race tshirt AND a complimentary entry into the 2014 Palestine Marathon.

Everyone who donates will get the opportunity to meet Abed during his stay in Copenhagen.


The impact

In addition to realizing Abed’s goal of running Copenhagen Marathon, we want to inspire him by showing him Copenhagen running culture. That way he can take ideas back to Palestine and use it in his work with young runners and developing running communities.


How to help

Go to our crowd funding site on Indiegogo – thank you!


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