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“Right to Movement Bethlehem” is a running community in Palestine. One year ago the community counted 10 members. Today the community has grown strong, and Right to Movement met up with Issa Khoury – a 34-year-old dentist from Bethlehem. Issa is a dedicated community member who loves to move! Here is what he told us.




I started running when I was 12-years-old. From that time, running and football were my favorite hobbies. I used to participate in several local races in town and took good ranks. My first international race was this year’s Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem. I came in 7th for the 10 KM!

I joined “Right to Movement Bethlehem” about a year ago. Back then we were only 10 runners – today we are around 50! With the community we run once a week – every Saturday, but I run another 2-3 times alone during the week. Usually the distance run of the community is around 10 KM or about one hour training.

For me the running community means a lot. First and foremost because people from different societies with different ages and jobs unite all together. Second, because continuous exercising always leaves you in a good shape and with a good physical and mental health. Third, because your running community becomes your close friends with who you do other activities except of running – having fun and sharing experiences! Finally the community is important to me as running keeps you away from the daily work routine and stress – at least for a while.

I had never heard about the basic right to movement before I joined “Right to Movement Bethlehem”. The right to movement sounds so simple and easy, but the fact is that you find several places in the world – and especially in Palestine – where the basic right doesn’t apply. Palestinians don’t even have 42 KM of free land to run a marathon without doing the same road more than one time.

Therefore the runners of “Right to Movement Bethlehem” are also looking forward to participate in the Palestine marathon 2014 on April 11th. I am practicing hard in order to experience and complete the 42 km this time!


Join Issa and “Right to Movement Bethlehem” for their Saturday runs. Check out their Facebook page here

Sign up for Palestine Marathon 2014 here 



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