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This blog is one in a series of stories about our Right to Movement storytellers. We have asked them about their right to movement and their running habits. Here’s Bassel Ahmad from the US! – See more about our Storytellers here


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# Describe what running means to you?

To me, running is more than just a sport or an activity. It became part of my life. I wake up early mornings, eliminated fatty foods and sugary drinks, and make room for another late night long run. Running is more than a sport, it’s a way to express and show your Right To Movement.


# What is your best running experience?

My favorite running experience would be the last half mile of my first marathon. Seeing the finish line after 3 hours of running brought so much joy to me. It really was an unforgettable moment.



# What is your best running tip?

A running tip I’d like to share would be not to strive for perfection but to strive for progress.



# How do you fit in running in your everyday and how much time do you use on running?

Two days a week I would wake up early in the morning around 5am and go for a run and again late at night. Most of my runs are at night right after work, school and homework. I would spend anywhere from 1-3 hours a day running 6-7 times a week.



# What does Right to Movement mean to you?

Right to Movement means a lot to me. Coming to a country where in 2012 women and men were not allowed to run in a race together and changing this, that means something.



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