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Meet Copenhagen runner, Karen Kjær

I am a RUNNER: Someone who runs at a decent pace, on all terrain, in all kinds of weather, because I want to. An exerciser, not an athlete. I run mostly for fun and I love to travel, a perfect match.

I am a 47 years old Nurse, married, got a beutyfull dog, love art, photo, fashion and food. I quit smoking and started running 8 years ago, it took me a year to train for my first 10 k race. Then I was hooked on running. It keeps me fit, prevent stress and the best part is I meet a lot of wonderfull people all over the world, sharing the same addiction.

In 11 weeks I will participate in this inaugural Palestine Marathon. Hopefully it will be my marathon no 33. By far the most exiting, I really look forward to see Bethlehem, standing at the start line in front of Jesus birth church, just the thought gives me goosebumps. I imagine we have to run the route twice, because there is not enough land to run on. So 42,195 km is to far :O!!

I think this is the program I will try to follow: http://www.baa.org/programs/training-programs/marathon-training.aspx

Every Sunday I am pacesetting with a large group of runners in training for Copenhagen Marathon in May, which will be my regular long run. Hopefully a couple of the runners here will come to Palestine to run the half marathon race – a perfect lead up to Copenhagen Marathon or other spring and summer races.


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