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Q&A with founding ladies, Lærke & Signe

On why running is such a powerful tool, and what led them to create Palestine Marathon.

 – by Signe Vest 


How did the Palestine marathon come to life? 

Signe Fischer: I had just moved to Palestine and just really wanted to do a project with Lærke so I proposed the marathon idea. I knew the event was going to be super well organized with her on the team and it was a great chance to show another side of Palestine. 

Lærke Hein: Here & Away is a company rooted in our hope to make the state of things a little better. It is a company started to do better, increase curiosity, create change and learn – all at the same time.


Why is running so important? 

Lærke Hein: It’s a universal language and because it’s something that you can do together in a big group, which drives motivation, but still you run every step alone. It’s an extremely powerful feeling. In a world of big politics its important to have a space that’s very simple and where you feel you are in control over your own body and move from one place to another, especially when you live in a world where things like who you want to marry, where you want to go and what you want to study is out of your control.

Signe Fischer: I ran a marathon before and I love running here in Palestine. Not that I am a pro or anything, but the feeling of training for a goal and completing it gave me such a sense of self-power. Almost a cliché but I literally felt like I could do anything, and this is the feeling I want to give every single runner on April 21!


Best running experience? 

Lærke Hein: Christmas day with my little brother in the countryside. It was a peaceful winter wonderland that was devastatingly cold yet absolutely beautiful! 

Signe Fischer: When I was training for the marathon I ran 20 km in the rain. Just me and Mother Nature. It was a huge experience. And in 2nd place comes Saturdays run in Beit Jalla til Battir in the most beautiful Palestinian landscape where shepherds on the roads with their goats, women in traditional dresses collecting firewood, olive trees and friendly people. Unfortunately there are the settlements on the hill sides.





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