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Running friends

Last year, Copenhagen-based runner, nurse and world traveler, Karen Kjær came to the West Bank to run the first Palestine Marathon. It wasn’t an easy trip. Karen came straight from Boston Marathon where she crossed the finish line 15 minutes before the bombs exploded. Clearly affected by the tragic events, she decided, after some deliberation, that the race in Palestine seemed incredibly important. And today she is very glad she came. Not only did she get to see the beauty and resilience of Palestinian people, she also made friends for life. When she was unable to attend this year, she did what she could to support the race from home. She told a story about her friend, Lina.


Second time around

By Karen Kjær 
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On Friday, Lina and her sister ran their second 10k race at the Palestine Marathon. Lina is a busy Med Student from Betlehem. She works every weekend at the hospital and are not able to run with the local Right to Movement crew Instead she train with her sister twice a week at home. It’s not common practice to run in the streets.

I asked Lina what this race meant to her: “I like the idea that a lot of people from all over the world travel from far away just to run the race supporting us” What was special about this year? “After I finished my race.. I stood up with the crowd waiting for the other runners to come, 4 or 5 girls from UK arrived and one of them was crying very intense whilst hugging her friends. At first I thought she was emotional about finishing a half marathon. Her name was written on her t-shirt and I ask her why she was crying ?! She hugged me over a fence and kept crying She said “I’m so sad for your people” Your life is so sad and miserable. I saw that through the street of your town” She touched my heart in the core …. With tears in my eyes I laughed, this was very special to me”

Lina and her sisterWhat is Lina’s dream? To become an excellent doctor and one day she hopes to be able to run along the coast line. I am sure she will.

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