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This blog is one in a series of stories about our Right to Movement storytellers. We have asked them about their right to movement and their running habits. Here’s George Zeidan from Palestine! – See more about our Storytellers here.


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# Describe what running means to you?

Running for me is a combination of several things. In general I love sports and that is where my love for running started. Likewise it is a great stress relief for me…I take it as a good way to relieve myself from all types of stress. I enjoy running and I do it a lot. 2-3 times a week minimum. I just love it.



# What is your best running experience?

Running the Palestine Marathon was my first and by far best running experience. A run that combined both sport, spirit and something bigger. Running the Palestine Marathon was not only for the athletic purpose but also along with a strong feeling of running beyond any edge. Running a marathon freely in the occupied land, between walls and camps. Such a great experience.


# What is your best running tip?

Never say never! Warm up, feel good, and enjoy yourself without a limit. Also, I would recommend all runners to do regular health checkups.



# How do you fit in running in your everyday and how much time do you use on running?

After work, before work, before going out with friends. Whenever I can fit in 30 minutes, I put on my running gear and go out. Also, once a week or every Saturday I go for a long run, as part of my weekend.



# What does Right to Movement mean to you?

It means a lot. It means a lot to me that some Danish women coming from a liberal open culture have thought of me and my hobbies. It means a lot when they think that running is important for me and my people. They want to assist us to have our right to move and do what we find interesting. I definitely support Right to Movement!!

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