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This blog is one in a series of stories about our Right to Movement storytellers. We have asked them about their right to movement and their running habits. Here’s Karen Kjær from Denmark! – See more about our Storytellers here


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# Describe what running means to you?

Running means the world to me. It’s easy exercise. I can run late or early all year around, all over the world. It gives me a feeling of freedom and keeps me in shape. And the best part – I constantly meet new exiting people.  While we run we can choose to talk or just run alongside in silence.  We often socialize after wards and talk run, food, music or whatever problems we got.  Running is very rewarding, fellow runners are very supportive and boost each other’s spirit and moral.


# What is your best running experience?

My best running experience is when I hit that flow feeling, when pace, legs, endurance all conditions just work together, then I get high! It’s far from every run, but it’s the greatest buzz. Sometimes when I finish a long run, I get so emotional, crying of happiness. YES I did it!


# What is your best running tip?

Put out your running gear the night before, get up and get dressed. Then go outside and start running…. Join a club or a community, share your runs and pictures, social medias can be very inspiring. Pick a goal, a 5 KM next year or a marathon, something that keep you focused and committed. Put nice running gear on your wish list and you will look forward to wearing it.


# How do you fit in running in your everyday and how much time do you use on running?

I spend approximately 3-5 hours running net a week. I plan it the day before, getting up early or I run home from work, I ask my neighbour or husband to walk the dog. I work in shifts and can mingle it around. I am not always able to train with my crew and club, then I run alone or make running dates.


# What does Right to Movement mean to you?

The answer of this question is all of the above and a community that can inspire and give people all over the world a feeling, that we are sharing this.






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