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This blog is one in a series of stories about our Right to Movement storytellers. We have asked them about their right to movement and their running habits. Here’s Maria Jonsson from Sweden!


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# Describe what running means to you?

To me running is meditation but also a challenge cause I always want to do better.


# What is your best running experience?

When I realized running had become a habit I was addicted to. I made my first 10KM without stopping (nor crying or throwing up). I think my best running experience is ahead in time though…


# What is your best running tip?

A really nice playlist, high volume and two sips of water just before you go to avoid stomach cramps. Also, use a running app to track your duration, distance and speed to ensure your successes.


# How do you fit in running in your everyday and how much time do you use on running?

Usually I do 5KM (treadmill or outdoor) warm-ups before boxing, tabata or any other evening class. On weekends a shorter early morning run with boxing friends, or 10KM to end the weekend. Of course I abide by my children’s activities as well but that’s never a problem. Running can be done at any time, right?


# What does Right to Movement mean to you?

Right to Movement has meant a bunch of new inspiring friends, and it also gives me another purpose to run. Of course everyone should have the right to movement!


You can see all our storytellers here. If you are running Palestine Marathon and would like blog about your training, why you are running in Palestine or something else, send us en email.

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