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This blog is one in a series of stories about our Right to Movement storytellers. We have asked them about their right to movement and their running habits. Here’s Ruya Baraz from Turkey! – See more about our Storytellers here.




# Describe what running means to you?

I know this is a cliché but running really means “freedom” to me.


# What is your best running experience?

My first race ever, last year, at the Istanbul Marathon, crossing the bridge from Asia to Europe.


# What is your best running tip?

Everything is in your head. If you believe you can do it, you could go out and run miles. Also, remember to listen to your body. Give it time to rest when it needs it.


# How do you fit in running in your everyday and how much time do you use on running?

Well, I really don’t fit running in my life. I usually fit the rest of my life around my running time. I try to run 3 times a week and I do strength training in between.


# What does Right to Movement mean to you?

Like I said, running means freedom to me. Being able to go out and free yourself from the rest of the world, free yourself from your own thoughts and beliefs… Any sort of movement allows you to do this. And the Right to Movement brings together those who want to enjoy this freedom.


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