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The Unstoppable Running Tourist


We are many types of runners joining the Palestine Marathon. Some have trained up for the very first time. Others have tried it once or twice. And then there are the ones that live and breathe running. Such a runner is Karen Kjær who will run the Palestine marathon and put it on the list as number 33.

She has run all over the world. This is her way of being a tourist, pounding kilometer after kilometer in different cities with new people. From Luxemburg, Usa, Germany, England Sweden, Norway and France she enjoys the view from her running shoes meeting incredible people and leaving her hungry for more.

The thing she is looking most forward to in the Palestine marathon is the scenic and historic surroundings and meeting an Arabic culture for the first time.  Especially the thought of running in a delightful warm climate as opposed to the chill factor here in Denmark!

See you there Karen!

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