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Training for a marathon takes a lot of things; a good program, running shoes and for me good music and a lot of dedication, motivation and will power. If you signed up for this marathon you have the will power and dedication. We share it and welcome it and hope you can pass it to others. Motivation goes up and down, and without it you will probably stay under your blankets and sleep another hour on a rainy, winter day or watch a movie in the afternoon instead of being out there. Running. With this blog we will do our best to motivate you with everything from motivational speech, running programs, training advice, recommendations for music and so on and so on – whatever it takes! We hope you will comment on the blogs and even more send us your favorite music, favorite quote, running article and whatever else that makes you move, makes you run.


The following is one of my favorites – to get us all started:


Nothing happens until something starts moving.

—Albert Einstein


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