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Given the large number of attendees coming from Europe, we’ve established a marathon helpline to help answer all of your travel-related questions. We are highly knowledgeable in Middle East travel, so feel free to inquire about anything that comes to your mind!


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Yamsafer (“Hey Traveler” in Arabic) is an online hotel booking platform which enables runners and other travelers to choose from a huge inventory of hotels around the world at discounted prices. The company is known in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey for its round the clock personal customer service and high quality content in the travel space.


Our hotels range from international chains to budget and boutique hotels, where we guarantee not only the best prices among our competitors, but also ensure our customers get value for money paid. Some of our hotels can be booked via our exclusive Cardless Bookings platform. Our team is dedicated to making our customers happy and we do this by providing the best prices and most up to date information when it comes to our practices and policies. In 2015 we launched our mobile app for IOS and Android devices which includes our exclusive ” Express Deals ” where you can grab last minute hotel deals (up to 5 nights before leaving home) with unbeatable prices.


With a network of over 10 Million hotel rooms around the world , we are very excited to be partnering with Right to Movement for the 3rd year in a row! Since its part of our growing culture to give back to the community, 100% of the proceeds acquired by Yamsafer will be given back to Right to Movement to finance next year’s marathon.







Is the Official Marathon Tour Operator in Spain and Latin America and it offers full programs for the Marathon week that include all services you may want: flights in/out, transfers, accommodation, transportation, excursions and meetings to understand further the Palestinian reality. For further information, visit this page.



One option for accommodation is a home-stay with a local Palestinian family during your visit in Bethlehem. The Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) offers organized home-stay with local Palestinian families for people traveling alone, as couples or in groups. The family will provide you with a good room with beds for all – sometimes a whole floor – and you will be invited to eat breakfast and dinner with the families. This way you will get the chance to experience the Palestinian culture and hospitality even more.

Last year one of the Danish runners booked a homestay through ATG. Pernille Kent Molsen participated in the 2013 marathon and recommends everyone to try the ATG homestay: In 2013 I participated, along with six of my friends and my daughter, in a marathon in Palestine. We lived about 2 kilometers from Bethlehem centrum, in an apartment that we got through ATG. My daughter and I shared an entire apartment and had the opportunity to eat breakfast and dinner with the family every day. Not everybody in our group had an entire apartment, but they all had a room with at least a bed, bedding, towels and the opportunity to eat with their family. We all felt welcome in the homes of the families and we spent a lot of time with them. We also visited them at work and visited the children’s school. So as an addition to an unforgettable marathon, a nice bed to sleep in and fantastic food, we had a great insight in the everyday of the families. In practical terms, the houses in the area are in great condition. There’s warm water, nice beds and it can be compared to a western middle-class home. All the houses with homestay are located in Beit Sahour, which is in a radius of maximum 4 kilometers from the center of Bethlehem and the starting point of the marathon. So if you’re in for an amazing experience, then forget about the boring hotels, and stay at a family for a great cultural experience along with the loveliest Arab food. Last but not least, you support the finances of the local families if you homestay with ATG.                           

The price is USD 35 pr. night and includes breakfast and dinner. For reservations contact the ATG – and click here for ATG’s info on homestays.

If you have any questions for Pernille about her stay, feel free to contact Pernille.