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What Palestine Marathon means to a native Palestinian

My name is George Zeidan, I am Palestinian born and raised in the old City of Jerusalem. Sports is my inspiration and my way of identifying myself. I have been on Chowan University tennis team in the U.S. for three years. Currently, I am playing for Orthodoxy Bet Jala Basketball team in the first Division league in Palestine.
I have only been running for six month. It all started out for increasing my strength, endurance, as well as getting in a better shape. Soon after, exactly when the Palestine Marathon was promoted I felt I was running for different purposes. I am running to present Palestine in front of the whole world. I am running for the freedom of Palestine and my people. I am running for Palestinian women who are seeking their freedom and great liberty. I am running to inform everybody that we Palestinians are just like everyone else, we run, dance, sing, play, jump, and have fun, not only that but we are also good at it. Nowadays, I am running for much more important reasons!
Soon in April , I hope I manage to complete a full marathon in the holy city of Bethlehem.

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