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What to eat before, during & after the race? Michelle knows!

Our nutrition expert, Michelle Kristensen, has written these recommendations for what to eat and drink before, during and after the marathon. Do read it!


What to eat before the race

Before I start to tell you something about the nutrition up to the maraton run in Palestine, it’s very important to make it clear, that if you read this the night before the run, then eat what you are use to eat on your longer runs. It’s not smart to try something new on the day you are running the maraton. So hopefully you read this a couple of weeks before.

The day before the race

DRINK PLENTY! It’s hot in Palestine and you will sweat a lot. If you loose to much water from your body you will need to slow down and maybe you get cramps – both things we do not like.

Eat carbs the day before

A lot of people think they should eat a lot of food, but you shouldn’t. Remember most people don’t move that much the day before the race, and therefore they don’t burn so many calories. If you eat to much carbs and food in general you will put on kilos and that will make it harder for you to run. Eat normal size portion like the sizes you are use to and make sure the plate are ½ carbs like pasta, rice or bread, 1 handfull protein and the rest of the plate to veggies and fat.

On the day: Breakfast

Eat your breakfast 3 hours before the run begins. Oatmeal with fruit, honey and some almonds is a good meal and take a good strong cup of coffee. It will help you get your stomach in action so you can go to the toilet. 60 min before the race eat a banana and you are good to go.


What to eat and drink during…

During the run take som energy every 15-30 minutes. Start after 45 min of running with your first energi gel, fruit or sugar drink and remember to get plenty of water as well – aprox 250 ml pr 15 min if it’s very hot. But again remember to take the energi foods and drinks you are use to eat/drink under your long trainingruns, so you know that your stomach is feeling OK with it.

It’ s gonna be HOT! It’s important that you get som electrolytes from fx salt tablets. When you sweat a lot you will loose a lot of electrolytes and many sports drinks and gels don’t have so much sodium and pottasium that you need. Tag one salt tablet every 30 minutes.


What to eat after…

For some people it can be difficukt to eat just right after the finishline. But try to eat something – cacaomilk, a beer, some candy, fruit or anything that can give you some fast energy is good. A coca cola is also very good because it has sugar and electrolytes. And then most important – eat the food you love the most ind the evening and be proud of yourself and your victory!

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